Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yesterday's Look: Timeless

It was running super late yesterday, which meant I had no time for the daily fashion crisis I deal with in the mornings.  I call it a crisis, but I actually have a lot of fun getting dressed in the morning... most of the time.  If I'm feeling chunky, I'll go through the customary revolving wardrobe whirlwind before until it gets so late that I have no more time to moan and groan about this and that.  Luckily, I have a closet full of work-appropriate dresses to fall back on when I can't be bothered to run around like a crazy person trying to find things that match, or I've already exhausted and vetoed all prior possibilities.  Why not just start with the selection of tried and true dresses?  Well, where's the fun in that?

I try not to buy trendy things because A: I look awkward trying to pull off trendy, and B: I can't afford to buy things that are going to go out of style in a year.  A good rule of thumb for me is, if I put it on and time-traveled back to 1962, I should be able to blend relatively seamlessly.

What's your go-to fail-safe outfit when you're late and need to pull off something professional in a hurry?


Michela said...

My last-minute go-to outfit is a grey or black knee-length narrow sweater dress with a boat-neck collar. Pair it with black boots and I'm out the door!

Ani said...

Dang. Both of your last-minute go-to outfits are super cute. Mine (which of course I am wearing today because I was working at the restaurant until midnight last night) is my banana suit pants, grey banana longsleeve, and chunky grey shortsleeved floppy-knecked sweater. Appropriate, but boring. Moral of the story: I need black boots :)