Monday, March 1, 2010

my little project

Isn't he cute?

...and her too?

This is what my past couple weekends have been devoted to.  Andrew didn't like the velvet throw pillows that came with me when we moved in together.  I still love them, but I love him more and decided it was time to recover them with something he liked.  We have two identical gray (reclining!) wing back chairs in our living room, one of which has become"his."  So I decided little his/hers throw pillows were just the ticket.  I love them in a major way.  I think, were I to do it again (and I will!), I'd invert the color scheme so it didn't blend into the chairs too much.

Andrew came home, loved them and said, "Hey!  You could sell these!"  Light-bulb!  That was the birth of Home Snugg, my newly-established online etsy store.  We're keeping these ones for ourselves because they're his favorite, but let me show you what else I've been working on....





Swooning from cuteness, aren'tcha?

I just put baby in a corner

 ...and here comes Johnny to tell me what's what.

 Shocking yellow hasn't been this much fun since the windbreakers of the 90s!






I'm going to be posting these shortly on my little shop window.  Yay!

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patricia belyea said...

Love an entrepreneurial gal! Go Girl.