Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Urban Cowgirl

sources: shirt, "skirt", jewelry, boots

Are you sick of these yet?  Good.  Me neither.  I'm really excited about today's fashion update because I actually own the exact boots pictured in my board!  That's right, folks; they're mine, all mine!  You may have noticed I wear the same jewelry from day to day.  It's because I'm lazy as hell about changing it and I like to wear classic things I never have to take off.  I do have some very cool pieces I'll showcase down the road, but for now it's all about a "wash and go" jewelry selection.

Today I felt a little bit country, a little bit sassy, and extremely late for work.  Bright turquoise always goes great with tan leather and I had these boots sitting out and the skirt that had been vetoed from my outfit yesterday still flung over the chair in the bedroom.  A crisp white button-up keeps it all office-appropriate.  And we're out the door!

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