Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Morning Music

This is one of my favorite pieces of all time, and the visual representation of it in this video gives me chills it's so good.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Dressed Like a 1950s Housewife

Today was one of those days where I grab the first thing in my closet, throw it on, and run out the door. 

I've been wearing the same go-with-everything silver earrings and pendant for several weeks, now because I don't want to have to think about it, and they remind me of my trip to Cape Cod this summer. 

I have several black dresses I wear to work, and they are great for days like this because they go with everything.  I usually try to stay away from black daywear during summer, but this little number is sleeveless and lightweight, so I consider it a cross-over piece. 

The pumps I've chosen added a little bit of sassiness to whole ensemble.  I decided to complete it all by wearing make-up (something I usually abandon during the summer) and a berry colored lipstick.  I'm feeling very feminine today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Reading

I've been in the mood for a trashy romance novel ever since my trip to the east coast in July.  Preferably one with a fantastic cover.  I searched the shelves at every book store we came across.  Nothing met my criteria of $5 or less, a fantastic cover, and a sexy title.


There it was, sitting on the spinning stand of used books at the Anecortes - San Juan Islands ferry dock.  The price was a good fifty cents higher than all the books, but at $3.20, I figured it was worth my last four dollars.  Just get a load of that cover.  It's everything a romance novel should look like.  The best part?  It gets to the hot stuff within the first fifteen pages.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Guilty.

OK it happened - I got engaged and stopped posting on my blog because I was too busy researching venues, trying on dresses, and staring at my ring.  I never imagined myself as being a bride who gets engulfed in wedding planning, but I am living proof that it can happen to anyone if she's not careful!  It sounds like I'm apologizing, but I'm really not.  I'm loving this!  I just thought you deserved an explanation.  I'll try not to turn this into a wedding blog, but seeing as this is a blog of my own musings, wedding stuff may slip in every now and then.  Like right now.

Today I had a free moment at work (it's actually been really busy for me these days, which is another reason why I haven't had time to post), and decided to browse wedding invitations for inspiration.

Then,  I came across this gem:

Oh. My. God.

Hilarious!  I will not be having spoof invitations like that one, but I can appreciate it for what it is. Well executed, Rae and Adam!