Monday, March 29, 2010

Dressing for the Drizzle

It was absolutely pouring this morning in Seattle, and I knew I'd be walking to lunch with a friend, so I had to be calculated about choosing my attire this morning given my two biggest rain peeves: wet toes and pants that are soaked at the bottom.  It was too chilly for a skirt today, which means it's time to bust out the biz-capris.

These capris look frumpy dumpy if I wear flats, so I had to choose a sexy pair of closed toed heels to keep it looking put together.  Had I realized I was choosing a black tee, and not the navy one I thought I was grabbing, I probably would have opted for black pumps instead of brown snakeskin, but I'm rolling with it.

Todays playlist:
Selections of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Dinah Washington, inspired by a story I heard on NPR, Morning Edition this morning on my way to work about Ella Fitzgerald and how fabulous she is.  She really is.

In other news, I quilted in my sweats all day yesterday.  It was fantastic.  I'm excited to go home tonight and do more of the same.

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patricia belyea said...

As the friend who went out to lunch with you, you looked fab. I hadn't realized all the work that went into matching your look to the walk in the weather. That took some proactive prognostication about the precipitation.