Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend reminded me of all the reasons I will not be taking a class this summer.  I love to play outside!!  Saturday morning I woke up refreshed, did some housework, and then met my friend Allison for a run on the BGT.  From there, I went to Lake Union to meet Abby for an hour of kayaking to work on getting some tanned, toned arms and core for sleeveless summer tops.  We had a nice little tour around Portage Bay, and then decided to head over to the Arboretum.  To get there, we had to navigate through the cut that separates Lake Union from Lake Washington.  Because it's such a high traffic narrow passage, there was some serious wave action.  We paddled like maniacs to get through it was fast as we could.  Not that I was worried, but we didn't capsize.  On the other side of the cut we took a much needed breather before exploring.

Abby enjoying her victory

the view from my seat

It was in the 70s all day, and I enjoyed every second of it.  After kayaking we headed over to a bbq where I met some great people, had delicious eats, and fantastic cocktails.  Helloooo summer.

Yesterday was a little more low key.  I did some baking, cleaning, working out, and then topped the evening off with a little happy hour down on one of the lakeside patios.  We sat there with our wine and cheese, watching the sun slip down behind the hills.

on the cheese plate: St Andre, Port Salut, Dubliner

Seattle is such a fantastic city - it offers a rich lifestyle on a shoestring budget.  Doesn't get much better than this.

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