Friday, April 9, 2010

On Deck for Tonight

Tonight is ladies night, party of two.  I'm kicking out the man so he can go do manly things like rock climb or drink beers out of cans while my bff comes over for a culinary masterpiece.

We're going to start out with a 3/4 full bottle of chilled Tomero white, paired with Pirate's Booty, which we will follow with a second course of a half drank bottle of Columbia Winery Merlot, which I've been saving for this special occasion.  From there I'm going to make shakshuka, inspired by Deb and her irresistible blog, and serve it with a previously sampled bottle of Malbec. 

Things might get a little goofy - see above picture, but replace red keg cup with classy wine glass.  Pictured ladies will not be substituted with classier versions.  Doesn't it look like that blond girl is singing happy birthday?  She's not.  She's actually at a garden party celebrating no one's birthday.

In other news, I went on a tour of the Theo chocolate factory last night and ate nothing but chocolate for dinner.  And red wine.  It was amazing.

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Ani said...

i miss pairing wine and booty with you radies!