Friday, April 30, 2010

Death by French 75

Yesterday I went out for a couple of cocktails with two of my most favorite people.  I knew I wanted a French 75 and I planned to look great drinking it.  I dressed in houndstooth, pearls, and spectators.  It was a great night, but I had too many and woke up bemoaning my lack of restraint.

Today, I look like crap, but by now I actually feel pretty decent.

sources: sweater, pants, shoes, socks

I'm comfortable, so I don't care that I may be slightly frumpy. I have my cup of coffee, my ipod, and a good attitude.  This evening I'm going to pay for what I've done with a nice long walk and eat a salad.  It'll be a great Friday night.  

Life is good.

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Ani said...

dude, french 75s kill me. thats what did me in this past new years...i gotta learn to stay away from the champagne.