Wednesday, January 13, 2010

must share my wtf dream with you

So I watched Biggest Loser last night with a couple of girlfriends, and then that night I had a dream that I had a Jillian-style trainer/wedding coordinator.  She didn't look anything like Jillian, but she was a total hard-nose and got me to a point where I had the most amazing abs on the planet for my wedding day.  I was elated.  I didn't even care that the rest of my wedding, which she had coordinated and planned was totally  frumpy and horrible.  I was over the moon.  So in addition to my fantastic physique she created, my wedding hair looked something like this:

And the wedding colors were something like this (maybe a little more faded):

And the flowers were a rattier version of this (in the above colors):

And the music for the reception was the Swingers soundtrack played on a loop.  I have no idea where this all popped into my head (I'm not even planning a wedding!), but in the dream I remember recognizing how frumpy and bad it was, but being so thrilled with how she helped me work out that I just didn't care.

I don't even know what it was all about, but I can tell you one thing:  I will have those abs!

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Ani said...

please tell me jillian was perched somewhere yelling orders the whole time! :)