Tuesday, January 26, 2010

weekend project - go!

Saturday morning I got my sewing machine out, itching to work on a project.  I decided it was time to finish the living room chairs.  So I got out the bag of fabric and templates and spread it all out on the floor (Andrew saw what was happening, put on his shoes, and ran out the door to spend the afternoon at the climbing gym).
It looked like this:

I work in approximates for stuff like this.

Then I realized I was about a yard short of what I needed to do the whole thing, and I had stuff to do.  I decided to focus on one piece of the slipcover: the back and wings.  The rest will have to wait until I can get more charcoal felt.  For now, it works, though it does look a little strange.
As I took photos, I kept finding little vignettes in my apartment living room that I love.  Wouldn't you like to see?  Here's a little window into the coziness of my home:
A closeup of Andrew's carved stone chess set from Iraq and his lamp I redid last year (it used to be dirty brass).  I just love it.
 We're into books, deco, and craftsman-type stuff: classic, not too gender-specific.
 Portraits of my grandparents and my parents are on the shelves of my side of the library.
Thanks for stopping by! (and stay classy)

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