Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shoe Intrigue - Tibor

So I'm poking around on for fun on Friday afternoon when I come across this shoe:  the Tibor.  I can't stop looking at them.  I kind of want them, even though they are bordering between fabulous and absurd.  These little pretties also come in black and brown, but I really only would want white.  What do you think?  Love 'em or hate 'em?


Michela Bedard said...

can't decide. I think I love them, but I also wouldn't spend much money on them, because really how many times can you wear them?

Monica said...

I'm obsessed but the white seems to be impossible to find in a size 8. I guess I'm going to have to spend that money elsewhere - maybe a plane ticket to LA. :)

Dom said...

I want them in every color he has them in but alas I can not afford 6 pairs of $90 but I saw someone with them on this weekend and they went very well with her outfit and you can wear them plenty of times if you pick out different colors in the shoe other than the white to match them with.