Monday, March 14, 2011

What I'm Wearing - Hazy Shades of Winter

I'm doing my best to take this god-awful depressing gloom of winter weather in Seattle and make it work for me... fashion-wise, that is.  We in Seattle love our grays and blacks.  Everything is a neutral shade of something.  You may call it boring - we call it sophisticated.  The grayer your palette, the more sophisticated people assume you are.

Today I am meeting up with a couple of friends for drinks in the bar of a high-end restaurant downtown frequented by rich mucky-mucks, so when I got dressed this morning I wanted make sure I chose something that would make me look nice enough to fit in, but still a little playful.

I decided on tailored gray slacks and built from there, adding the patent leather shoes and belt to keep my outfit from getting too conservative.  Nothing worse than being the least sexy woman at the bar.  I don't have to be the sexiest, but I hate coming in last.

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