Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspired Fashion

Last weekend I spent some time with Abby as moral support in her project of cleaning out her closet of her uninspired items, a few of which she passed on to me to see if I could make them work.  If so, great; if not, no biggie.

With a bag full of new-to-me clothes, I had a great idea - what if I could take these pieces and mix them in, one at a time, into outfits that make a statement?  Sort of a "turn that frown upside down" project.

Inspiration: a dandy.  I wanted to work in those shoes I have.
Piece: brown v-neck sweater
I've been looking for a way to make the new houndstooth spectator stiletto booties work.  Still not convinced this was a winner of an outfit, mostly because the teal lace cami seems wrong in retrospect.

Inspiration: 1940s feminine
Piece: black cropped cardigan sweater
I absolutely loved this outfit.  The neck and skirt lines were conservative, but not frumpy, and the black patent leather of my shoes and belt took the look up a notch.

Inspiration: Equestrian chic, a la Ralph Lauren
Piece: blue and white striped menswear shirt
This was a fun one too.  I have been waiting for the right shirt to make these cropped pants and boot combo look both casual and polished.  The one drawback was my gray cropped pants are now comically too large for me, but I made it work anyway.

Inspiration: 1950s secretary
Piece: orchid cropped cardigan sweater
I also loved this outfit.  I pulled out my gray wool pinstriped skirt and white ruffle-collared shirt to make this a feminine and sexy, yet still office-appropriate look.  I went to a party straight from work that evening and this outfit transitioned just great.

Inspiration: June Carter Cash
Piece: chevron summer frock
This is a great dress, and makes me long for summer.  I'm making it (early) spring appropriate with a white sweater shrug and tall boots, which give it a subtle western look.  The studded leather belt I added ties in with the leather boots and round out the look without making it look too costumey.

Do you think this project was a success?  Which one was your favorite?  What would you change?

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Jennifer said...

Oh boy! I love, love, LOVE Tuesday and Friday! Nicely done.