Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I'm Wearing - TGIF!

Yeah, I know it's not Friday.  Today we're out and about getting the groomsmen's tuxes fitted.  It's a guy thing, but I've been asked to tag along as the fashion consultant to make sure it looks as good on the real guys as it did in the catalog.  This is a particularly wise move, because Andrew is the type of fellow who is more interested in if it fits than if it looks good.

About a year ago, Andrew went out and bought two new suits to replace the one that he'd had for the last 10 years and no longer fit his now adult frame.  It felt like quite an investment, and he wanted to do it right, so Andrew took his dad along for some father-son bonding time.  They settled on the best two, and he had them tailored so they would look really sharp.  When they were ready, I went with Andrew to pick them up from the tailor and saw them for the first time.  Pleated pants on both of them.  They've been altered, they've been paid for.  I'm keeping my damn mouth shut.  It came out later that I was disappointed his expensive new suits had pleated pants, after we had spent a lot of time in the recent past cleaning out his work wardrobe of the offending and dated article.  He looked at me in disbelief, went to the closet, and exclaimed, "you're right!  They are pleated!  I didn't even notice."  Ahem, what?  

Yes, folks - that was a moment of discovery.  I should take a moment here to say that this was more funny than upsetting.  He doesn't have to look like he stepped out of GQ in order to get my attention.  And as infrequent as it is that he has the occasion to wear suits, it's really not that big of a deal.  Maybe during the next ten years that my husband has these suits, pleats will come back in style.  One can only hope. (Also, every time I see those pants, I'm going to think, "no!  it's the pleats in this pants - they're an optical illusion.  I'm taking them back to the pants store immediately." you know what I'm talking about)

So as a result of that little adventure into the realm of formal wear, I get the last say in the tuxes at our upcoming wedding.  Takes the pressure off Andrew, and I know what to expect.  Win win.

Anyway, I really wanted to share with you my Friday outfit.  This is what I wore yesterday.  I didn't have the guts for the leggings and boots shown in yesterday's post, so this is sort of a test run.  I'm wearing gray (actual) pants and black platform heels.  Sort of casual Friday-ish but still dressed up enough for client meetings.  PS - the text in the graphic is my lipstick color.

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