Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I know, I know.  I'm late getting this post up.  Really late.  Nonetheless, I thought you'd like to see how we did Halloween this year.
Pumpkin carving is an essential Halloween activity. 

 Abby came hungry.
 My brother made this cool 7-eyed monster.
 Abby did a haunted house scene.
 Here's the rest of it.
 I did a Nightmare Before Christmas inspired face.

 Lorena's kitty sat high on the porch.
 My father did a friendly Frankenstein's monster face. (you can just barely see the signature scar)

 Here's the scene in its entirety.
 ....but not truly complete without my mother standing in the door.  She's the cutest.
 In the living room we had a screen set up where we projected Young Frankenstein.
 Happy Halloween, everyone!

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