Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Guilty.

OK it happened - I got engaged and stopped posting on my blog because I was too busy researching venues, trying on dresses, and staring at my ring.  I never imagined myself as being a bride who gets engulfed in wedding planning, but I am living proof that it can happen to anyone if she's not careful!  It sounds like I'm apologizing, but I'm really not.  I'm loving this!  I just thought you deserved an explanation.  I'll try not to turn this into a wedding blog, but seeing as this is a blog of my own musings, wedding stuff may slip in every now and then.  Like right now.

Today I had a free moment at work (it's actually been really busy for me these days, which is another reason why I haven't had time to post), and decided to browse wedding invitations for inspiration.

Then,  I came across this gem:

Oh. My. God.

Hilarious!  I will not be having spoof invitations like that one, but I can appreciate it for what it is. Well executed, Rae and Adam!

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