Monday, June 7, 2010

Black Boots

My friend Anika needs some black boots.  I've spent a little time pouring over my three fave shoe shopping websites and grabbed a selection.  Let's vote (in the comments section).

Under Go Bootie

Foldover Bootie

Daisy Doo Bootie

Ava Bootie

Ultimo Bootie

Dos I Do Bootie

Oxford Lace Up Patent Bootie

Rosabella Bootie

Ruffle Bootie

Fiddle Bootie

Propose Bootie

Ruched Bootie

And one more, which are open-toed and I know not what she wants, but they were funnnnn:
Kernal Bootie

Ok Ani, are there any on the right track?  There were a ton more I passed over just because I didn't want to overwhelm this post.  Do we need a round two?  Leave your votes in the comments section.  I need to figure out how to get a vote button on my blog one of these days.


Michela said...

I would say the Propose Bootie. Classic enough but still with some personal flair. I own a few black booties (some pictured here!) and I wear ALL of them ALL the time. You can't lose!

Monica said...

I've been obsessed with the foldover bootie for about a month now. Also loving the lines of the Dos I Do bootie.

abby said...

I like Fiddle the best for the Anster, but the one with the rosette I COVET!!

patricia belyea said...

I don't know your friend but I vote for the Fiddle Bootie. Nice clean design for a woman of the world.

Alexis Bayley said...

I vote for Dos I Do Bootie