Sunday, July 11, 2010

Westport, MA: This Girl's Heaven

I'm just starting the second half of my mother-daughter holiday on the east coast.  We're currently in Westport, MA, on the cape not far from Rhode Island.  The house we're staying in is absolutely wonderful.  Above is a picture of the harbor, not far from the house.  Not bad, eh?

Pretty much all of the homes look like this:

And this is what the weather is like:

And this is what everyone eats:

I think I want to move here.


Michela said...

Massachusetts in the summer, can't beat it!

Monica said...

No kidding! We're living the low-key high life, sipping chilled white wine and nibbling on rhubarb tart. What an evening!

patricia belyea said...

Getting away is always so great. Enjoy the sun, sea and lobster rolls!