Friday, September 25, 2009

Holy Fudging Heck

This week has been the week to end all weeks. I have been simultaneously dreading and looking forward to coming in to work each day this week. We consolidated the library (did you know I'm Marian the Librarian?) and moved it to another floor in our building. I got about a quarter of the space I once had to work with so the plan was to brutally pare down our resources to the bare essentials and have our vendors haul the rest out. I've been dirty, sweaty, and harried since Sunday when I started.

The office goal was to have every employee moved to the new area by today (didn't happen for me), and the old space to be cleared by Oct 1st. I'm going to need all the luck and karma cash-ins I can find for that to work.
I got home last night at 7pm after 2 cocktails and a belly full of sushi and went for an hour-long power walk in my neighborhood. Much needed. By 9pm I was fast asleep, exhausted from what seemed like the longest week ever.

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